Aims and Scope

Goals and vision

 Thanks to God and with the cooperation of a group of thinkers and enthusiasts in the field of education, especially the teaching of thinking to children and adolescents, and the special assistance of the esteemed officials of the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Dear readers.

Many of the problems of adulthood are rooted in the educational shortcomings of childhood, so delaying the teaching of many high-level intellectual skills until adulthood leads to the loss of a good opportunity to nurture citizens and high human beings. On the other hand, contrary to the relatively common belief that is based on some psychological theories of development, great researchers, experts and theorists have shown that children and adolescents have high intellectual capacities for rational thinking and can be considered with their abundant desire. In order to search for the meaning and exploration of the universe, he cultivated the spirit of reflection and central thinking in them. Undoubtedly, such an intellectual movement in the education system requires a lot of research and exchange of views and opinions of thinkers in this field. The publication of the journal Thought and Child is an effort to create this opportunity for researchers, professors and thinkers.

It is hoped that the results of research conducted in this field can provide the necessary conditions for the moral and educational promotion of the large Iranian society and be useful in raising more creative and moral children and youth. This is a goal that we need the serious participation of thinkers and those interested in the field of children and adolescents to achieve it. Fields of study that are welcomed by the editorial board in this journal; In addition to the research on the program of teaching philosophy to children and adolescents, all philosophical and psychological studies on the mind and psyche of children can be used in the education of children and adolescents.