Journal credibility

- Two scientific-research quarterly journals of thinking and children from the spring and summer of 1989 with the aim of presenting novel research and research achievements in the field of education and especially teaching thinking to children and teenagers in the Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies (thinking group for children and Juveniles "Febak") was published and on 12/7/1991, it succeeded in obtaining a scientific-research license numbered 159721/3 from the Publications Commission ...

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Costs of reviewing, printing and publishing the journal Thinkong & Children

‚Äč   According to the regulation of scientific research publications of the Publications Commission of the Ministry of Science, as well as the approval of the Board of Directors of the Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies (No. 149318/1, dated 23/10/1402) for reviewing articles, the fee (600,000 Tomans) in two stages in the form of 300,000 Tomans before Sending the article to respected referees and 300 thousand Tomans will be received at the time of acceptance ...

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